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Transform Your Space Signature Scents
Superior Odor Solutions

Infuse Elegance, Enhance Guest Experiences.

Craft a memorable ambiance and say goodbye to odors with our bespoke scent strategies for businesses.

Experience the Power of Scent with et-projekt Why is scent important in your business?

Your response to scent is automatic

Your response to scent is automatic

Scents can trigger instinctive reactions before one consciously processes them, influencing behavior and mood instantly.


Your sense of smell is always on

On average, people breathe about 20 times per minute. This translates to roughly 28,800 breaths per day. 24/7!


Evoke emotions & Bring back memories

Studies show that humans recall scents with 65% accuracy even after a year, while visual recall was only 50% accurate after three months.

Our scent marketing and odor removal solutions are proven to:

Elevate Brand and Boost Business Growth

Boost Branding & Growth

Elevate your brand and attract more customers with our signature scent marketing strategies.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Create a memorable atmosphere that captivates clients and encourages repeat visits.

Improve Efficiency & Output

Improve Efficiency & Output

Foster a productive environment for employees with our expert odor removal and ambient scenting.

Our Services

Scent Marketing

by The Olfactory

For over 20 years, our in-house scent designers and engineers have created tailored scent marketing solutions, from ambient scenting, to scent printing, to scent bubbles! 

Scent Design
Odor Removal

Odor Neutralisation

By Sinoair®️

Our patented product – Sinoair®️ – neutralises bad smells. Trusted by Hong Kong Drainage Services Department for over 10 years! From slaughterhouses, theme parks, and carparks, we have something for you.

Training & Education


Co-Founders of our Hong Kong Office have been invited by universities and organizations to talk about olfaction and its effect on the human mind. 

Training & Education

Our Clients

Trusted by the industry to deliver the optimum scent marketing and odor neutralisation solutions.

Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
Hong Kong Times Square
Panda Hotel hong Kong
Holiday Inn
Drainage SErvices Department
Swire Properties
Discover Hong Kong
Hong Kong Design Institute
PAcific Place

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A few facts about the power of scent

Increase in brand recognition
Rate of recall after one year
Decrease stress-related absenteeism


Scent Marketing Institute
Social Issues Research Centre

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